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Hello all,
I'm traveling to London next week on business. Are there any MR clubs or
exhibitions that anyone can recommend visiting?
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You should post this on uk.rec.models.rail.
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When you get there go into any newsagent (news stand that is a shop) and get a copy of Railway Modeller. Names to look out for are Menzies and W.H.Smith. Except at the airport - those tend to sell aircraft magazines not train.
Or if you live near a Barnes and Noble, many branches sell a small selection of British railway and model railway magazines. Pick up a couple before you go, to read on the flight. If my B&N in Poughkeepsie NY carries them, bigger branches in larger cities should.
There are usually plenty of shows each weekend, listed at the back of the magazines.
The Model Railway Club meets in Keen Hall near Kings Cross Station but I don't know what evenings they meet. This is the oldest club and being the first they didn't feel any need to qualify it with a place name - it was "the" club.
Try their web site at
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A place that is thoroughly recommended, is the Science Museum near South Kensington Uunderground station. They have a marvellous collection of both the real thing and models.
There's also the London Transport Museum by Covent Garden underground station. They have a collection of locomotives (including steam), subway cars, streetcars (trams), buses and models.
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Christopher A. Lee
If you have the time take a day trip to York. Take the train from Kings Cross Station in London. The York Club has an excellent layout (well, actually, it's three layouts) right there at the York Station. Just around the corner from the York station (within walking distance) is the British Railway Museum which will "knock your socks off." IMHO it's the best railway museum in the world (and I've seen a few). Finally, since you're there anyway, take the City Sightseeing guided bus tour (the red, open topped, double decker buses which you can get right there at the York station). York is a really neat old city.
Richard W.Boone, Sr. Fairfax, Virginia
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I agree! My wife and I stopped there while on our honeymoon in the UK.
It was certainly the most impressive railway museum I've seen. The experience was enjoyable enough to overcome the pain from the blisters that were developing on top of other blisters on my feet from a solid week of walking around London.
-fm Rails on Wheels' Annual Model RR Flea Market and Show - Nov. 30, 2003 at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, Saline, Michigan
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Fritz Milhaupt
The Kew Bridge Steam Museum isn't exactly train related, but it has steam engines. "A steam engine you can walk through while it's working, in a building like a cathedral. That's just ONE of our engines!" The engines are very impressive. They do seem to have their own little railroad now, too.
Info at:
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If you like preserved railways, the Watercress Line (Mid Hants) is outstanding. Its not just the steam engines and rolling stock that is preserved and operating, the whole railway is a living museum, stations and all. Get on a train from London Waterloo and travel to Alton where it shares a station with the watercress.
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give you more info and operating times. Rob
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