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What happend to this publication? I read it on and off throughout 1997 and it was quite a nice mag. But in 1998 it changed and became less well laid out. more like the kind of thing old people would read and not very well aimed at the younger market like it used to be.

Has it since gone bust?

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It's changed into an on-line publication see:-

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By late 1997 is was losing readership and becoming unprofitable. Publishers, Link House, part of the IPC Group, licenced it out to Garnett of Rotherham and I as approached about editing it freelance (a growing practice in the magazine business). The understanding was that, instead of competing with the other three leading model railway magazines, it should return to its roots as a magazine for collectors. The format I proposed was 50% collecting and 50% railway modelling. This seemed to pay-off as we got the readership increased by over 1,000.

Garnett had only two magazines in their fold, as they were principally newspaper printers, and in 1999 they decided to get out of magazines. They sold their MRE licence to Kelsey Publishing in Kent who, as an economy measure, wanted one of their full-time editors to take over the editing. They also decided to go 100% collecting and changed the title to Model Railway Collector. In doing so, they lost some of their railway modeller readers and the subscriber list shrank. The magazine folded in the Summer of 2000 and the subscriber list was sold to BRM who, for the next year, produced the Classic BRM supplement.

In the meantime, as owner of the MRE website, I decided to develop it into a 'magazine'. I retained the initials but adopted the name Model Railway Express. Instead of being a monthly it gradually became a daily 'release', as this made full use of the great advantage of the Internet

- fast news. Articles fell by the wayside and the format settled down to news, readers e-mails and reviews of books and models. There is also a quite successful classified ads section.


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Read 'Model Railway Express' Britain's leading and FREE online magazine for railway modellers. Updated DAILY with approximately 2,000 daily readers. News, Model Reviews, Book Reviews, Articles, Classified Ads. You will find us at

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