It's Book Review Time !

I figgered you fellers mite like to take a brake from all the metalworking and unlax with a good book! And what better type of book to unlax with than a nice pichur book....

"In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind" by Gina Gershon

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First off, you'll notice all the other reviews on amazon are by women. That should give you a clue that this book is not really about Pussy. Now, here's my review for the men folks....

From the title (.... Pussy...), I was disappointed that it was not a picture book. If you're after some nice "art" photography shots, the only photo in this one is on the front and you can see that here on Amazon's webpage. So if that's you (you know who you are), then don't buy this book.

But, and this is a big butt, I decided to keep it anyway because it's exactly the right height to hold the bathroom window open and let a little breeze in, but not enough to let rats in.

So, I figure that if you are reading this review now, you must have more money than you have sense, so here's an idea of what you're getting for your $7-15 plus tax and shipping....

First, it's an ideal book to take on a plane. It is small, but heavy enough to whap the guy in the next row in the head when he starts pushing his seat up and back and bouncing around while you're trying eat your skimpy airline dinner. Then just giggle and say, "Whoops, my bad" and then give him a good kick in the back for emphasis.

Second, if you don't like pussy, then this book is for you. Because there is no pussy in it at all. Although, you'll like the part where her pussy gets eaten out. Now get your mind out of the gutter - this is a book about cats. Anyways, that part is at the very end, so if you're going to read the whole book, then ignore this part of my review.

On the cat scale of zero to five, I would rate this book at a 2. However, on the pussy scale, I would rate it zero, because it's really about her stupid cat and has nothing to do with her pussy. Hopefully the author will get a clue and write a sequel "In Search of Pussy: Part 2."

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