most robust platinum/platinum alloy wire?

Hi, for an experiment I want to use a 25cm piece of .025mm diameter
platinum or platinum alloy wire which will be driven by a constant
temperature circuit to 400 degree C (plus or minus 50 degrees C). The
wire will be subject to occasional collisions very roughly equivalent
to dropping a ping pong ball from 4cm. I realize that is very vague
but it is hard to predict the force of the collisions ahead of time.
I would be very grateful if anyone could hazard a guess as to whether
any .025 mm platinum/alloy wire would survive such a collision while
hot, and advise me on the best form of platinum/alloy wire (must not
corrode while hot in moist air) - annealed or hard? pure platinum or
one of the alloys with Ir, Pd or Rh? Thanks so much, best wishes,
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