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I was given almost 100 feet of Bandsaw blade a guy here on s.e.m. tested it for me and it turns out to be a Boron steel...

0.07%C 0.68%Mn 0.002%B! 0.27%Si 1.15%Cr 1.05%Mo 0.67%Ni 0.17%V 0.04%W (it was low on P, S, Ti, Al and Cu)

Read that 0.002%B is high enough to make it harden with Boron.

But how?

I go by what I call the "arrest point method" (eyeball) to heat treat carbon steel and hadn't had any luck changing this bandsaw blade's hardness. Got any advice? :)

Alvin in AZ

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What are you making and what are you trying to do? What is your heat treatm ent and what are your results? Based on composition given, I'd suspect the boron is incidental to the composition and is not acting as a hardening age nt. I'm also suspect of the reported carbon content; it looks too low.

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An SEM can only provide an image not a chemical analysis - attached EDS can get analysis - but usually not Boron nor carbon with any accuracy.

Besides boron is NOT a hardening agent - it is a hardenability agent (depth of hardness) carbon is the main hardening agent at 0.7% carbon you cannot heat treat and get any significant hardening response.

Band saw blades are usually bi-metal M2 tool steel tenth welded to a strip of 4140.

Advice - buy a new saw blade.

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