What is 10B38 Steel? I need help locating this material for a large project

I am looking for two things: - chemical makup/properties of 10B38 material - known suppliers in the USA

Thanks for any help you can provide me with.


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With respect to the grade, 10B38, it's a plain carbon steel that has been b oron treated. A very good database that I've used for years when I didn't h ave in-house information available was

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You could fi nd the composition and typical properties for the grade from this site. Sin ce this is a heat treated grade, the properties depend upon your specificat ion. As far as steel sources, if you are looking for bar products, try Repu blic Steel;
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Depending upon the bar size and order size, they would be able to produce the grade, but you'd need to inqu ire your specific order requirements. Again for bars, outside of Republic S teel, any of the major US bars manufactures should be capable of producing this grade. Timken, Charter or Gerdau would be other possible sources. If y ou're looking for sheet, strip or plate, I'd start with USS;
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eel.com/. I've been away from that side of the business for too many years to offer other recommendations. Bob

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