I need a small water pump

I need a small water pump for hooking up a TIG torch. Ive got a big
chiller, but its about 5 gallons a minute and the size of a dorm
I need a 24VAC or 110 or 220 1ph pump that will push all of 1 gpm at
40+ psi
I was given one of the Lincoln Magnum coolant units that sits on the
top of the welder, but the pump motor is toast and Lincoln wants $280
for a new motor (!)
The pump that is in there now (and missing some pieces) is a ShurFlo
8004-251-227. 24vac, 1.2gph at 75 psi.
This I believe is a diaphram pump with a bypass.
I found Shurflos website and they want about $165 for a similar pump
unit..not in the cards....
Any surplus sources for small pumps like this? Id guess it needs to
have a bypass ?
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I used a diaphram pump from surplus center, cost $30. It needed a relief valve, which I had. It wasn't rated for continous duty, so I had to install a relay off the foot control to only run it when the gas comes on. I was told a better route to go would have been to use a carbonator pump. These come off any old soda fountain drink machine. If you know somebody that can scrounge for stuff you can find one of these for peanuts.
Now a really cheap way to go is to just hook it up to the garden hose and send the water to the drain. This would do you unless you're running all day long at 250 amps.
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Karl Townsend
This may seem like a shameless plug for me, but here it goes anyway....
I am the guy that has sold many (about 300+) welding coolers on eBay. I go by the eBay screen name of "stinkywilly". In fact, there is many people on this group that have bought coolers from me. You can do a search most any time on eBay either under my name stinkywilly, or a search of "welding cooler" or "tig cooler". Currently (and this is Thanksgiving Day) I have a dutch auction going for 5 coolers at once, each of them available for only a starting price of $235. I will try to provide a link here:
formatting link
This is a WHOLE cooler assembly. Check it out if you like. Now, along the lines of looking for just a pump, I suppose I would be the guy that would have that too! Through my refurb work on these coolers, I have an extra stash of pumps and motors. They are Procon carbonator pumps and GE motors that can be hooked up for 115V or 230V operation. I do offer these also, let me know if interested. I believe you would like the pricing. I will leave my contact info below, at my shop. Thanks for considering.
PS-on the belief this is a plug for myself, I guess it is....but it truly has helped many people on this board and elsewhere, so take it for what it's worth. Thanks.
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I have a Jabsco 1/4HP rubber impeller pump you can have for $25.00. It needs a new impeller but they aren't that expensive. Leigh at MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
Harbor freight has small pumps in the $10 to $20 range. My friend has used them when his grinder coolant pumps go out, for backup. They work really well. There are several types/flows/pressures. I have a welding cooler which would solve your problem, but the shipping would be more that it is worth to you. Good luck. Paul
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This is Phil again, with the coolers. I can muster up a used motor and pump for you for $80 + shipping. I will send them already coupled together and tested out, at whatever voltage hookup you need. The motor can be configured for 115V or 230V, whichever you need. I am pretty sure that after you look around, this price should be pretty competitive to anything you find. Let me know, I left all of my contact info on the other post. Thanks.
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OH Yes! This particular design was used on may of the older welding cooling tanks. Leigh at MarMachine
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Leigh Knudson
Not enough head pressure - needs 40 PSI (This is a recording.)
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Bruce L. Bergman
OK - that should be easy :
100' bulb looking tower that has more water than Gunner uses in a year, drives a series of cleaners and then to pressure regulator. Nominal connection. Big one is the filling from the city and keeping friends from yelling at his eye-sore :-)
But gets a credit on his yearly taxes due to the emergency fire water source.
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Martin H. Eastburn

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