SS wire drawing and roll forming

Dear All,

This is my first post though I keep referring to this forum like many other s. But today i had to post since we have a problem at our unit. We manufact ure flux cored wires and recently we have started stainless steel flux core d wires. We manufacture our own wires by Roll forming and draw them to the required size.

Now the problem we are facing is that we are having a lot of black residue on the wire, this appears when we wipe the wire with a piece of cloth and t he cloth turns black. Other wires available in the market do not have a bla ck residue. This residue becomes a problem in continous welding and it jams the wire feeder and even if it does not, we still dnt wish to have anythin g thats not needed.

During Roll forming, our operator used to use diesel,as a coolant which was replaced by some white coloured powder lubricant, basically some sodium so ap. the blackness has reduced in the Mill wire, but not in the drawn wire. He does use some grease one the closing wheels. Before drawing operation, t he wire is passed through a black lubricant which we call it as Moly Disulp hide powder. But then the wire is again passed through 2 boxes of sodium so aps which are white in colour. TO remove the blackness we are using srubbe rs, which though reduces the powder but its still there and significantly p resent.

Anyone who has experienced the same, any suggestions?

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