Need help specifying a material

I have a unique application I need help specifying a material and heat
treat process for.
The application involves a circular clamp that is about 5.25 in O.D. x
4.25 in I.D. x 1.00 in thick. It is split on one side has 2 tabs with a
hole in each tab on the same side as the split (It looks kind of like
an external snap ring). Inserts are mounted in the two holes and a
clamp screw is threaded between the two inserts. The clamp screw opens
the clamp to an O.D. of about 5.88 O.D.
I am looking for a material that can be surfaced hardened to about Rc
45-50, and still be ductile enough to open and close easily without
I have done several searches on the internet with no luck. I would
appreciate any advice on the type of material/heat treat that
can/should be used for this application.
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Have you computed the strain that is induced by the deformation?
It appears as if the strains are so high that virtually any metal can be expected to yield upon opening the clamp by over 0.5 inches.
You can get that much opening in a "Thin" external snap ring, where thin means a small difference between ID and OD, but with an ID to OD ratio of about 0.8, and no ability to buckle or deform in the third direction, probably no metal wiill withstand that much elastic deformation.
Do you have the facilities to estimate the developed strain from the opening?
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