Compression Spring Material Help

I need to pick up some compression springs for several projects and was hoping to get recommendations on the best material for these springs.

Most of these projects involve the need for the springs return as close as possible to their unloaded length after being under compression for extended lengths of time. (In other words the springs will spend most of their life under compression).

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Don't know myself, but I know Century Spring and Lee Spring would be helpful. They mail out extensive catalogs, have good tech support. Shouldn't be a problem finding them, holler if there is.

What I lernt: If you happen to need a spring, like from a bic pen, it'll cost you like $4. So I now pick pens out of the garbage the way the homeless do soda cans.... LOL!!

Altho, MSC sells 10 packs of small springs for like $5.... still, dats 50c a spring.... holy shit....

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Existential Angst

Have you tried McMaster-Carr?

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Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

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