Help: Template Delrin Project

I need to drill 3 to 5 holes in 1/4" thick Delrin plates that is 4" in
diameter and was hoping to get recommendations on the best Dremel and
accesories to use for this purpose.
The holes will not all be circular, but of different shapes. So I
figured that I'd first need to make some sort of metal template, and
then get the best Dremel tool for plunging and clearing out the shapes
I need.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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But I was there already.
That document doesn't discuss maching Delrin.
Darren Harris Staten Island, New York.
Frank wrote:
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My impression is that Dremel is a high speed (10,000+ rpm) tool. High speed machining will melt the plastic, for good machining you want to cut it. Use a sharp and relatively low speed (~100 rpm?) drill bit, with a moderate pressure on the bit.
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