Hougen Magnetic Drill Question

I picked up a Hougen Magnetic drill (Model #10904) a while back for a
project where I needed to make about 1600-1700 5/16" diamter holes
through a 3/8" thick 1-1/2' x 2' mild steel plate, because that would
be to much for my mini-mill.
Unfortunately, I may have to sell the drill before I can start the
I decided to test it out and I'm having difficulty. I was hoping
someone with a mag drill can tell me what I'm doing wrong.
I can turn the magnet on, but I can't get the drill to start. The
magnet doesn't appear to be that strong, but that could be because I
don't have the drill sitting on the recommended 3/8" (minimum) thick
metal it is supposed to operate on. (I never got around to getting the
3/8" thick steel I needed for the original project).
Perhaps a problem can be the safety switch adjustment. Could there be
a grounding problem? A blown fuse? Or perhaps the problem is the On/
Off switch.
Any ideas would be appreciated.
Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.
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