Colour, gloss and grain tolerances of stainless steel

Dear colleagues,
I have run in to a wall with regards to automotive colour, gloss and grain
tolerances in relation to decorative stainless steel finishers in the autom
otive industry. The is, most OEMs uses standard methods to measure colour (
colouremetric equipment, e.g. Datacolor 600 - LAV [Da, Db, DL]), gloss (glo
ssmeter 45 degrees) etc.
However, the steel industry does not seem to measure these parameters at al
l, i.e. not that they dont use the same methods, but these parameters are n
ot tracked at all with any method.
From experience we have seen a large spread of these parameters within batc
hes and the comments from some of the suppliers of the steel (in question)
points out that these properties cannot be assured.
Is there any generic experience for this problematic? What to say to an aut
omotive OEM that wishes to understand the natural materil & process spread
of these properties colour, gloss and grain (texture) to set realistic valu
Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks a lot!
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