carboin Chrome cracking

i am having a problem with springs made from carbon chrome steel
shattering. I think this is caused by a delay in tempering of the
spring after quenching. Can anybody point me towardds some information
on this. I can't recall what the name of this phenomenon is, please
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Delayed cracking is a form of hydrogen cracking. You might also want to check for surface defects. Heat treatments giving residual stress that is tensile at the surface would be bad.
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are you saying a carbon steel that's been chrome plated?
hydrogen embrittlement has to be baked out of the steel, post plating.
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The steel contains around 0.83 % Cr and 0.57 % C, it is designated 55Cr3, the problem seems to occur after quenching from around 900 oC, if we don't then temper within 1 hour or so. If we leave for a few hours before tempering then we sometimes get cracking.
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