Heat input - FCAW verses SMAW

I'd like to hear some opinions on heat input of FCAW verses SMAW when
welding a 1-1/2" thick reinforcing pad to a 1-1/2" thick rolled and
welded cylinder. Both items are SA516-70. The weld required is a 3/4"
fillet weld, with a min. pre-heat of 200=B0 F. This would be welded with
one welder on each side of the cylinder.
Would one process be more suited to this to avoid an extremely hard
HAZ? My thoughts are that FCAW will put more heat into the material.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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I would expect FCAW to have a lower heat input, for a given weld bead size.
If you need to be sure of your welding procedure you will need to carry out a weld procedure approval test. If you are stress relieving the item the initial hardness will not matter.
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David Deuchar
Cross-posting has its legitimate uses too. :) Sometimes an interesting discussion developes from a double on-topic cross-post. Not saying this would be one of them tho. ;)
Alvin in AZ
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