Material Standards

Are there any free sources out there on the web that give equivalent
material standards between different countries? I'm specifically
interested in thin gauge steel (Coil form if you're interested).
I'm a little tired of un-user friendly software
Expanding this a little, are there any sites out there that give easy
to use technical data on manufacturing steel specs from around the
world: Yields, bend rads etc.
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I have never seen such information in what I would consider to be an easy to use form, and certainly not free or on the internet. I suspect that subtle differences make accurate comparisons difficult, and make companies reluctant to publish tables of equivalents. It is also expensive to keep such information up to date and accurate (I found more than ten mistakes in the last edition of one of the steel conversion books I use). I suspect that most people only work in two or three ranges of standards and keep up to date in those that they need.
If anyone knows better I would certainly be interested in US/European/Japanese conversions; also in equivalence tables for standards of differing ages.
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David Deuchar
There is a french Internet site
formatting link
about the use of steels. On the left, there is a link named "Equivalences de nuances" . Try it, it might help you.
"thebrewxi" a écrit dans le message de news:
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Merci beacoupe pour ca. I guess I'll have to brush up my french a little. It is actually a very useful website, giving the Euro numbers or "Désignation numérique" and everything, so much abliged. Thanks very much.
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