nanoparticle with composites?

I am doing project on effect of nanoparticles on composites
Can anyone please recommend me books, sites regarding it?
I also have trouble in mixing composite with nanoparticles.
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Well, those who just "mix" stuff, always have problems mixing nanoparticles with a binder. There were a number of papers on the problems of mixing beginning back in the early 1990's.
I'm retired, and don't particularly keep up with the nano field, so I have no references to give you.
If you are at a university, by all means, hit the library and ask the librarian for help in doing a literature search.
Someone else here, more current in the field, can perhaps direct you to papers.
You might actually tell people what nanoparticles you are trying to mix with what other materials. Could be important, you know.
How many of the articles that come up on Google did you look at?
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