Dear friends
I have been reading about nitriding and it's applications for surface
hardening of H13 steels. I found that it can be done in salt bath
furnace,gas furnace or plasma which the last one is very expensive.
I want to use nitriding for surface hardening of hot forging dies and
I want to know which problems may be occur in future if I use salt
bath furnace (except pollution).
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Only the kinds of problems you'd expect from a big urn full of a red hot substance of which a gram or so is fatal in seconds....
Brian W
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Brian Whatcott
U¿ytkownik "Mahdi" napisa³ w wiadomo¶ci news:
Another option is fluidized bed nitriding. It acts like salt bath nitriding and is by far safer and practically nonpolluting. Zbigniew Rogalski
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Zbigmiew Rogalski
In your position I would call my local heat treatment company, they generally have a metalurgist on the staff & heaps of practical/economical solutions, backed by years of practical experience. You could compare the advice from several such sources & maybe do some trials.
Rgds, Pete
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Peter O

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