Resuming thread: what is sponge? in rolled steel plates?

> Forgive my ignorance. What is residual Cu? Is it the copper content of the
> steel? or is it the residual after the dissolution limit?
Yes, residual Cu is the copper content of steel as detected by
chemical analysis. In some cases Cu is added by purpose to increase
atmospheric corrosion resistance (e.g., CorTen steels); in other
cases, specially in the case of electrical steels, the copper presence
is result from the use of contaminated scrap with high Cu contents. Cu
is not oxidised in liquid steel, even in a basic oxygen furnace.
On the other hand, a severe surface copper contamination can occur in
continuously cast steels due to the wear of the copper mold of the
continuous cast machine. The solution here is to plate such mold with
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Antonio A. Gorni
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