Rivet compression

How would one calculate the diameter and thickness of the shop head of
a rivet?
I want to put together a 3D CAD model of MS20470 type rivets where I
can indicate the thickness of material to be fastened and have the
model generate the shop head automatically. This is important any
time you want to check if the shop head clears any other structures in
the design.
Can I just treat it as an incompressible fluid and simply figure out
that for a given shop head height the diameter would simply be that
which would give me the same solid volume that existed before the
rivet was clinched?
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That's what I would do.
But (& this is really testing my memory, since I last did any aerospace work in the late 80's) don't the shop heads have dimensional limits that are controlled by specification? Like min / max head diameter & maybe head diameter range?
Over compressing or under compressing are no-no's?
plus my experience with shop heads is that they are never perfectly round
I guess for a fit check you could assume a minimally compressed rivet with adverse roundness & calc the protrusion height from that.
cheers Bob
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