Surface Cast for Roughness Measurement

I need to be able to take a surface cast of a piece of machinery, in a
location where I won't be able to take any roughness measuring
equipment. I need to be able to take the measurements off the casts
later on.
Any suggestions what I should use? I'm thinking of coating with mold
release and then using a mix of epoxy and bog, backing with
What do you think, is there a readily available product to do this?
Tony Mulholland
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Struers, who make metallurgical equipment sell a metrology csting rubber called Repliset. See
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- they have a distributor in Australia. This stuff comes in a two tube mixing gun.
A similar series of products called Reprorubber are sold in the U.S. made by Flexbar. Look up reprorubber on
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These are used for exactly what you describe wanting to do, but I'm not sure who carries them down in NZ. Try whoever sells machine shop stuff like carbide milling cutters, etc. In the United States one source is J&L industrial supply,
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Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete
You can use the products mentioned above. I found the Repliset a bit messy but it did work. Dental moulding compounds will also work, and I have used these for such work. Most Engineering supplies or chemicals catalogues will have something that will do the job.
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David Deuchar

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