1/8th scale 1936 John Deere

Jerry Kieffer has built a stunning model of a 1936 John Deere tractor. There are several excellent pictures and even a movie clip. Well worth a look:

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Even the coffee can his gradfather used to keep rain out of the exhaust is accurately reproduced.

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Robert Roland
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That is amazing!


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Jim Chandler

That is really great work, not as technically sophisticated a subject, but still has to rank up there with my other two favourites

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David Billington

A few weeks back I pulled up to a stop sign and had to wait for an

18-wheeler lowboy to get by. As it passed I noticed its "load".

It had a toy John Deere tractor strapped dead center of the lowboy with about a 4" wide strap. The tractor must have been about 8-10" long!

I guess he didn't want to be accused of towing that long trailer empty. :-)



Robert Roland wrote:

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Al Patrick

Nothing but admiration for a truly wonderful piece of work.

Man . . . if I had half his talent . . .


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Frank J Warner

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