3 Flute Split Point - More Deep Drilling

More on long reach deep(ish) drilling.
My stock for the 50 link pieces arrives today, so I figured I better review what I have on hand. As I was reviewing the various tools I have
on hand or have picked up for this I noted that the gun drill is indeed the type intended to be used with high pressure through oil. It will go in one of the specialty tools drawers, but will probably not be used for this project. I don't have the time to setup a high pressure system for it right now.
The carbide drills I picked up surprised me though. They were not expensive. No more than any other similar size carbide drill. They are three flute split point. I don't remember that when I ordered them, but I'll certainly give them a try. If there is a web its so small I can't see it with just my glasses on. I may look at them under the magnifier later. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how they perform in the test cuts. Probably try just spot drilling and drilling first to see how it comes out. I'll be making a holding fixture so I can position them consistently.
As a side note: I have another deep drilling job for a different application. 1/16 all the way through a piece 1.8125 inches thick. These do not have to be particularly straight, but they are relatively close together and they can't collide with each other. Most 1/16 drills are to short to do the job, but I figured I'ld find some long enough if I looked. My plan is to drill a starter hole with a .0625 carbide stub drill. I have them on hand. As mentioned before I buy them from Precise Bits. Usually 4-10 at a time. Then drill with a longer jobber drill. The problem was I wasn't finding any long enough to do the job. When I searched for long 1/16 bits I came up with 6" aircraft bits. Found MSC stocked Hertel aircraft bits. I have one Hertel drill index and have found them to be decent, but there was no way I wanted to have to push 6 inches of a 1/16 bit though the air. I started looking closer, and its Cobalt, only has a 7/8 flute, and its split point for under $5. I bought a couple of them. I can just cut it off to the length necessary to do the job. The part is literally a piece of aluminum flat bar with a bunch of holes drilled through it edge wise. If it doesn't work or I break bits the cost won't be very high to try again. This is a one off part and if it takes me a couple tries I'll still make a dollar. Maybe two.
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