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Making an electric vehicle for my son. I was going to make the front wheel spindles with a grade 8 bolt welded to a 1 inch tube. Now a few questions.

  1. Is the grade 8 bolt weldable?

  1. Will I be able to notch the bolt ( solid ) with a bimetallic hole saw or should I pull out the grinder and do it the hard way. I just bought a mini-mill but it probably could not handle the 1 inch curved notch. I imagine standard HSS cutters would struggle with it.

Aother subject.

  1. I just bought the Harbor Freight mini mill ( thanks for all your input - if and when I build a separate workshop I will get a bigger one and keep this one in my basement) and was wondering how to go about squaring the head with the table. I just put up a square til it looked square and tightened. Seems this may be to simple and innacurate for a milling machine. Is this how you do it or is there more to it?



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This is called "tramming the head" and is straightforward, if not a bit time consuming. You'll need a dial indicator (DI) or dial test indicator (DTI). Mount the indicator in your spindle such that the tip will sweep across the table until you get 0-0-0 readings. There's an excellent example of doing the same thing on a bridgeport

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Metal Web News has some very good reading, spend some time there if you can.

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