A funny story about mice

Trust me, there is some metal content to this. t's a holidayseason so
what the heck.
I worked at a sign shop in my teens and the place was very cleverly
designed. Overhead trolleys and steel workbenches. Punch presses and all
sorts of clamps and good tools. So we (I mostly) cut this aluminum
extrusion and made signs that hang over most streets in the midwest and
east coast of the US.
The problem we had was mice and our donut habit. (we got the munchies
One of our side contracts was a bakery about 3 blocks away and it was
my job in between sawyer, welder, and puncher to go to the bakery and
beg for donuts. I got pretty good at it. We welded their donut racks and
I would get a dozen, mostly glazed and hop back on moped and
deliver. We never welded anything for them that I recall.
We also never finished the donuts and the leftovers became mousechow.
We never saw the mice but I am sure they saw us.
We had this overhead trolley setup all thru the shop with chainfalls and
We figgered after a long day of baked goods and being essentially baked
ourselves that we could outsmart the mice by hanging the donuts 4 feet
off the floor from a chain.
The mice won. They musta been fat ass mice cuz those donuts were not for
the faint of heart.
I couldn't go to the donut store for awhile til they needed some welding
work. Probly just as well.
I was gettin fat and the mice had moved on.
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