A simple repair for Harbor Freight Honda-clone generator

Had mine for 3+ years now, stored outdoors. A very faithful Honda 7500-watt

-max generator clone (EM6500SX).

While not Alaska, we do get some colder weather here in Poconos. Spent some thing like $300 on it and she's been real work horse, from construction (wo uld weld for hours) to running whole house (including electrical water heat er (!) and well pump) during storms. No issues with electronics either.

She developed a problem where she'd start, run literally for a second and t hen shutdown. After waiting for a min or so, you can again start er up for a second.

Deeper dive revealed that solenoid-driven shut-off needle on the bottom of the carb got gunked up and stuck, choking off fuel to the carburetor nozzle .

If possible attempt to remove the solenoid assy from the bottom, just 2 scr ews. If not possible, remove the air filter box and then the carburetor.

The construction (I guess credit should really go to Honda) is very repair friendly.

As usual, do treat that E10 fuel with Stabil when weather gets colder.

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