Airbus Structure

Hello, I konw this might not be the best group to ask but I would like
to konw where I could find more detail information about the airbus
A380 or A330 structure and manufacturing? if anyone could point in th
ethe right direction.
The main reason is I have a project that I need to comment on the
structure and manufacturing of an aircraft. I have decided to choose
an airbus A380 or 330 but if anyone konws of an aircraft with much
more info please let me konw
Thanks for help
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In article , Cooldude wrote:
Europe. There has to be hangars full of data avilable.
Don't know how much will be in English, though.
Older and widely used will be better. Boeing 737 or 747 come to mind. As does MD-80.
Again, there will be hangars full of data avilable.
Lack of material will not be the problem. A more focused question will be necessary. One approach would be to look through the last year of Aviation Week and see who is doing what, and call some of them.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
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Cooldude wrote:
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JR North
Don't answer him. he's a Chinese project leader on their A320 clone
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start by looking at the various aviation web sites, including aviation week, AIAA, and of course the Airbus site - read JANES, look at the SAE journals -
usually a library is a good starting place - and a university library might be best - search on composite structures, for example
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