Angle grinder adapter to larger spindle

I made an large spindle adapter for a couple of my small spindle angle grinders, then found that you can buy them.

It's all covered here is this web page I just put up:

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Pete Stanaitis


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Pete S
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Been there. If I do not absolutely have to have something like that right now I've usually found its cheaper to spend the time to hunt down the one somebody else is mass producing.

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Bob La Londe

Cool, and handy, I'll bet. That's the type of stuff I'd do if I had a (mini-) lathe.

Instead of sinking money into adapters, I bought another $10 grinder at HF to run the free wheels a friend gave to me.

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Larry Jaques

I just got a free tarp from HF and it only cost me $100.

Actually, I picked up a 4" belt, 6" disc bench sander for the stuff I can't do on the 1" sander very efficiently, and a cart for the baby Lincoln flux core. I find myself using that around the shop where the big Miller just won't reach.

I haven't moved the sander over onto a bench yet though. I've got the only "open" bench all cluttered with parts for a CNC conversion on my mini lathe.

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Bob La Londe

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