Anodised aluminium extrusion+painting

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me whether it is possible/feasible to paint over aluminium
that is clear anodised? I would very much like to paint with 2 pack (
polyester I think ) some draw pulls that are in the form of lengths of 45mm
by 25 mm aluminium extrusions. The existing finish is what I assume to be a
clear anodised coat, as it was described as anodised finish in the
catalouge. Is there a need for some type of pre-treatment, or adhesion
coating before the paint finish?( appart from the normal undercoat used in
the 2 pack process).
Thanks for any guidence on the subject.
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I never had a problem painting anodized aluminum. Paint seemed to wet and flow out nicely and adhere well.
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Don Foreman
Just clean off the oils and you'll be fine. Anodizing produces a fine scale rough finish which is nice for painting on.
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Bob May

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