Any reason I should get this motor?

A guy I know has this old motor he's tossing, just wondering if there's any sense in getting it. It's a very old 1/2HP Westinghouse, open frame, either full brush or repulsion-induction.

Do these old clunkers have any collecting value? It's all black iron with cast oil cups. Probably would make a good mate for the Barnes lathe if I get it.


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The repulsion induction types are really really good at starting torque. The older ones seem to last forever. I use a 1/8 hp one for starting my rotary converter, it probably spends about

80 percent of its run time in 'start' mode, but seems to be holding up nicely.


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jim rozen

Collectors value, hell. THey've already outlasted several newer ones, and can probably be expected to outlast a few more. 1/2 horse open frame, sounds like it could run continuous duty forever.

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Lennie the Lurker (GTO69RA4) wrote in news:

It's FREE. Take it and get rid of it after a while if you don't use it. I bet, though, that two weeks after you pitch it you'll have a need for it.

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