Best currently in production lathe and vertical milling machine?

If money were no object, and country of origin not an issue, which manual
lathe within the 6 to 12 inch swing range; and which manual vertical mill
with a work volume of approximately a Bridgeport would you purchase?
Thanks for youyr opinions.
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The lathe is easy. Buy a Hardinge 10EE.
I don't know what the "good" mills are that are still for sale. You can still buy a new Bridgeport now that they're back in production again (I hear). Buy a DRO for the mill so it comes factory installed. Get at least an X axis powerfeed.
BillLee wrote:
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Grant Erwin
No doubt, 10EE. But doesn't Monarch still make these? I haven't kept up with companies buying each other.
Karl, "proud 10EE owner" Townsend
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Karl Townsend
"jim rozen" <
Is the FP2 still made ? I thought everything that I liked had to be discontinued, banned, removed from sale, drastically changed or otherwise stopped.
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There is no such lathe. It's either some "Hardinge" model OR a Monarch 10EE. And when asked for "best currently in production lathe" abviously the Monarch 10EE would not be a choice.
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Subject line reads "currently in production" :)
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I ran into a Hardinge salesman in Reno 2.2 yrs. ago and he said they sold lathes , but they were really expensive.
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You probably meant a Monarch 10EE, good choice. AFAIK you can still order one. The Hardinge is an HLVH, also a good choice. The shop I used at White Sands had Monarch's and LeBlond's; the shop for the research labs back at the university had Clausing big lathes, but they also had a Hardinge or two.
Grant Erw>
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