best manual impact wrench?

... or compact battery-electrical one?
this is only for breaking/cracking of rusted nuts. no real time
capacity is needed. in other words tons of starting torque required,
not very much else needed.
mail-order sources of the item?
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Alan Horowitz
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and look at their automobile electric, 12 volt plug into the cig. lighter impact wrench.. i got one there, reg. $39, on sale about every other week for $19.95.. bought it at their local store and tried it out.. went back and got another one for my other car.. i saw them in the J.C. Whitney catalog for $64.00. i hurt my back and was having trouble with the lug wrench, getting that last UMP when trying to remove lug nuts.... they work pretty good..... alot better than turning the lug wrench one turn after the other..... just plug into the cig. lighter and squeeze the trigger.....
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In article , "Leo Lichtman" wrote:
Try a loooong breaker bar; I have used such on nuts far too tight & rusted for even an air impact wrench. On one really bad case I used a socket wrench with a long breaker bar and a 4' pipe extender on the end of the breaker bar. I jumped up & down on the pipe (because I was the fattest one there) and it finally let go with a bang like a 30-06 and stung the bottoms of my feet right thru my soles. But the nut came loose without breaking anything.
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nick hull

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