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If I'm welding a few times a week, should I close the cylinder valve and back off the regulator screw each time I'm done welding? I've been doing that, but it seems a hastle readjusting the flow each time.

To adjuct the flow, I've been disconnecting the gas line from the back of my Pro-Wave and setting the regulator. Is there a better way considering my welding table and foot pedal is about 20 feet from the cylinder?

Thanks, Al

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just close the cylinder valve when your done it vill evently mess up your regulator spring in the long time run but we are talk'n years here *LOL* so that will work ok


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No need to mess with the regulator. When turning on the gas, just open the cylinder a quarter turn or so (it doesn't have to be completely open like on an oxygen cylinder). Then turn if off by turning a quarter turn. No big deal.

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Agreed. In fact, my regulator has no readily accessable adjuster.

I believe you are wrong there. AFAIK, all high pressure cylinders use back seat valves which should be open all the way to minimize chance of leakage.

Also, when opening the valve, do it very slowly until the pressure comes up to avoid a violent shock to the regulator's innards.


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Ted Edwards

Not widely recognized or understood, but yes that's correct in general. Because the back seat seals the stem positively, there is no need to rely on a stem packing to prevent leakage.


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