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I learned a really good lesson today. Don't advance the boring head by backing out the screw; rather only feed it in. If you do advance it by backing it out, pay attention to where it is. I backed mine out a little too far today and it threw a workpiece and the bottom half of the boring head all over the shop. Took a long long time to find the leadscrew piece. Nothing hurt but my pride, but it was real scary.


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Grant Erwin
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You ought to see what happens when a cnc mill operator has an indicator in a drill chuck and (A)- rapids the whole thing into the workpiece. Scratch one indicator and usually one drill chuck and holder. Or (B)- hits the start button to bring the head down to a location to check a hole but forgets to skip past the line in the program that say speed

3000rpm :-) Again scratch one indicator and if the operator is lucky the parts are not imbedded in his chest.
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James P Crombie

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