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A few days ago I asked about boring with a lathe or mill. After weighing ideas and my limited experience I am boring with the mill. Now the question, what is the correct way to set the boring bar in the boring head? My boring head is the 1 1/2 criterion square head. To set it up I installed the bar, laid the whole assembly on the surface plate and used a square to set the cutter parallel with the centerline of the head. I figure this should give a zero rake at the cut, as I'm cutting brass. So far so good.

So is there a correct way to set the tool in a boring head? lg no neat sig line

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Boring on the mill is a lot like turning or boring on the lathe. You need adequate rake and get the best finish "backing out" of the hole as you cut. Carbide tipped bars (brazed or insert) are the way to go. "Machining Fundementals" is a great book and lays it all out so even I understand it. My English is improving too! Lord Alfred Babin

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Al Babin

I acquired a couple of boring bars with 1/2" round shanks. I painted part of the circumference of one with Dykem and fiddled around 'til I liked the way it cut then barely loosened the set screw and lightly tapped it enough to drag a mark in the Dykem. I then made a flat there for easily reproducing the setup.


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Ted Edwards

Gosh - wonder what I'll do with the solid carbide bars I have... So far they have been held tight enough - Might be best to let them slip and the steel ones with flats dig into the work.


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larry g scribed in :

short, and thick use the shortest one, and the thickest one, that will fit the job if you are boring from a small hole out to large, change bars as appropriate so you're using the thickest one you can.

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