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I recently purchased an older Bridgeport DRO for my small vertical mill. While it works fine I'd like to replace the wipers on both scales. Does anyone have an idea where I'd be able to purchase some wipers (or lengths of wiper material)?



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Al MacDonald
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CAll MSC, and they can order the pieces you need. Talk to customer service. When I received my BP a few years ago it needed wipers as well. The OEM types will not sell to individuals, and gave me a list of companies I could buy this stuff through and MSC was one of them., They bill your credit card, and the company that has the wiper material does all the shipping of the goods......


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Used to be just wool felt. Is there some modern unobtanium nowadays for this purpose?

If you are secure in your masculinity, you can visit the fabric department at Wal-Mart.

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Richard J Kinch

We replaced ours with an adhesive backed vinyl door seal from Home Depo because the old ones were cracked and falling off. We even shortened the scales to fit a smaller Bridgeport. I may be able to take a picture.

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Don't have to take the risk. MSC sells real industrial wool felt.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

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