Bridgeport Mill - adjusting backlash

I uploaded a photo essay on how to adjust the backlash on a Bridgeport
milling machine and how to remove and split the feed screw nuts on
older Bridgeport mills in order to accomplish this.
The file is :
Bridgeport Milling Machine - Splitting the feed screw nuts and
adjusting backlash.doc
.... about 7 Mb because of the photos.
Tiny URL to the dropbox
formatting link

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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
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And a waste of time uploading because the dropbox automatically rejects ".doc" files because of the possibility of macro viruses. If you want to put everything in a single file instead of simply uploading a bunch of files which start the same, print it into a ".pdf" file instead.
And also -- be warned that your file name *will* be modified automatically because of the serious pain that embedded spaces in filenames can be on some systems. (Not everybody runs Windows, or even a GUI file manager -- so the spaces in the names are replaced with underscores '_', so the name will look like this instead:
In particular -- the "_-_" looks ugly, and would be better as "-" instead.
Why not try for a shorter filename while you are about it, such as:
Thanks for trying.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
I was surprised, Steve Stallings (owner of the drop box?) reformatted it to pdf and sent me an email telling me that he did it. It looks better than the pdf file I had created last night which trashed the formatting in the original word document. I had intended to upload it last night as a pdf rather than as a doc file, but the pdf formatting wouldn't work right yesterday.
I did take Don's suggestions (we exchanged a couple of messages off line today). I reworked parts of the text and formatting so my pdf printer driver would create it correctly. It reads better now. I emailed Steve with an updated file listed as Bridgeport-nut-splitting-&-backlash.pdf
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
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Great! And just after a weekend spent at Cabin Fever, too.
Not visible yet -- and the '&' is a nasty character in some operating systems. In unix it means "this is the end of the first command, to be run in the background, and what follows (if anything) ia another command.
Yes -- it is *possible* to deal with such characters, but you have to either put a pair of "'" (single quotes) around the whole name, or put a '' in front of each '&' to keep it from being interpreted as the background-the-command character. And if you forget, you can wind up with exciting things happening, depending on what the parts of the filename look like.
I'll look forward to the new version appearing -- but I will *certainly* change the name as soon as I download it to prevent that kind of problem.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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