Building a wood splitter cheaply

I am interrested in building a wood splitter for my father. Admittently I like buiding stuff but have no experience with hydraulics. I do have an 11 horse riding lawn mower engine with electric start. (Old Briggs)

Can I do this cheaply? Is it possible to use an old single stage hydraulic pump from a factory or something? (If I could get it cheap).

Any ideas on how hard this would be?

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You don't say how cheaply! It's not hard, just costs some money. At a minimum you're looking at a few hundred dollars. The cheapest hydraulic valve I could find was about $80 at Northern Tool. I spend about a hundred just on fittings and hoses. The used

4" cylinder costs me $50 and it was a bargain I feel. A pump is going to be more, and then if you have to buy any steel, well add that on. I figure I spent about $350, for a splitter that if I bought would be $1000-1200. Some people asked me if I wanted to make them to sell, and I said no. I wouldn't/couldn't make any decent money on it and compete with those already on the market. At the time I had more time than money. If I was short on time and had the money, to me it would have been better to buy one. Just my 2 cents worth. :Lane
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JR North

i know this post is from a week or so ago, but i was attempting what you are. if you can find the stuff used for cheap, then go for it, but if you need to buy any parts, you are almost better off looking for a complete used log splitter. and don't even bother looking for parts on ebay. i could get cylinders, pumps and valves brand new from Northern Tool for less than the used junk on ebay. one point on your motor, is it a horizontal shaft or vertical? you really need a horizontal shaft motor for a log splitter. vertical will work, but the pump will be sticking down in the dirt.

hydraulics aren't anything scary. keep everything clean and make sure the hoses are tight. now if you were trying to build your own hydraulic pump, THAT may get scary.

i ended up finding a used (and abused) splitter for $300. the motor usually runs. :-) i figure if i get a couple of years out of the motor i can just pick up another good used motor for I am interrested in building a wood splitter for my father.

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