Can you believe toggle switch rating?

I just got a 1/2" hole mounted toggle switch for my 20Amp 115/220V 1.5 HP motor (switch specs: 20 Amp 115/220V Max 1.5HP)

but when this switch compared to a regular light switch with similar specs: 20Amp 115/220V it looks too small and flimsy for it's 20Amp 155V rating. You can hardly conect 12 gauge wire to it's terminals because screws are really small.

My question: is switch ratig is a some kind of "peak rating" and you should always get higher rating switch?

Thanks, Alex

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Absolutely. The NEC says that the motor full-load current must not exceed 80% of the ampere rating of the switch.

Different switches have different contact materials - you want a AC Motor switch, not a general use AC-DC snap switch.


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Tim Shoppa

A reputable switch UL rated at 1.5 hp should reliably start and stop one. I'm not sure you got a reputable one, however.


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Grant Erwin

Alex, more important that the cited rating is 'who made the switch' and is it UL approved.

I think you may have been scammed with a junk, offshore import!

Fact is, a legitimate 20A switch should definitely accept 12 or even 10 gauge wire.

Harry C.

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