cast iron table

hi folks
first time poster here, my hobby is woodworking and over the years the cast
iron on my table saw has gotten a little dungy looking so im asking what is
the best way to clean it up and get it back to that new shine.
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Dominic Palazzola
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If it has any raised dings you can stone them off flush by rubbing them with a regular oil stone, and then use a scotch brite pad on a palm sander to polish it back up.
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thanks Roy, iv done this all along with the green and sometimes white pads and then apply some wax, but there still seems to be some residue from a coffee cup that once sat on the table and then there was this time I cut some wet wood and that left a couple rust marks that I could never get out, the rust is gone but it left some blemishes in the top. so what I was thinking is use some 400 grit paper and work up to 1000 or 2000. would this be the proper way? or instead of paper should I use the synthetic abrasive pads? thanks again Dom
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Dominic Palazzola
With the various small leaks in my roof, I get castings rusty on occasion. I use a 4" mini-grinder with a wire cup brush, as coarse as you dare, and rub the tables down with bars of canning wax. Minutes of work! If you want to get fancy, lick the table with a Prestolight torch while waxing.
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Tom Gardner
Doing more than a chemical cleanup of the metal will involve getting that table flat again. My bet is that if the table has been well used, there will be a slight depression in the region of the blade so it may be wise to just have the whole thing surfaced down a few thousandths on a surface grinder. That, of course, means the complete disassembly of the whole table to get the top free and then finding a wide surface grinder.
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Bob May
Take the table off and take it and a $50 bill to a guy with a Blanchard grinder. When you're done you'll need to machine any tooling that rides in the slot to be a little thinner, as the slot will be shallower after grinding.
But the table top will come out looking really new. This time keep paste wax on it.
Dom> hi folks
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Grant Erwin
"Tom Gardner" wrote in message .
The flame of a torch puts out quite a bit of water vapor. Best to use a heat gun to warm your iron machine while applying wax. --Doozer
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I am really partial to Appliance Epoxy Enamel. It is too humid in Houston to try to keep cast iron clean and polished.
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