Cast Iron table -- I was not screwed -- Pictures of stuff that I was paid $75 to take

Regarding that cast iron legged table that someone bought from me at
the auction site:
I was at the auction site today. Received the money ($150 for a table
that was included in a lot with stuff, for which I paid $75). Here's a
picture of the stuff that I was effectively paid $75 to take:
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The auction guy told me that my buyer was some kind of a metal art
He also bought a 1920's lathe, and, get this, took the base only and
gifted the lathe itself to the riggers. He told the auction guy that
he is using that stuff for some artistic purposes.
In any case, there is a few things from the lot that I will be able to
use, such as the baby anvil I that will give to my kids to use.
Can someone ID the big anvil? What is the significance of letter C in
a triangle? Columbian?
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So you got paid to take some goodies, and the other guy got some materials for an art project that will probably make him a profit. Sounds win-win to me.
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Pete C.

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