cold-rolled good enough?

I need some shafting for the below purposes:
1.25" diam X 60" long buffing shaft. Runs through two pillow block
bearings w/ lock collars spaced 24" apart.
1.125" diam; runs through idler wheels with roller needle bearings.
1.25" diam; must be press-fitted into two timken bearings on either
side of a large idler wheel.
For the roller needle bearings, they have no inside bushing; so I know
I want high-tolerance ground and hardened steel.
For the long buffing shaft, with the convenient lock collars, will cold
rolled suffice? At 60" long, this is going to cost me the most.
For the large idler wheel, I need a press fit. Again, will cold-rolled
work, or do I want better, perhaps precision ground although not
necessarily hardened?
thanks for the advice!
-Bernard Arnest
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Bernard Arnest
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I'd get cold rolled for your long shaft with pillow blocks. Buy it locally. For your ground stock with press fit, mcMaster Carr is a good source.
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Karl Townsend
Look into using shafting steel.
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Tom Gardner

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