Cutting fluid?

Those of you who actually do metalwork what kind of coolant do you use? Hav e a self-contained system on my lathe and have been using a water based(Tri

-cool?) and have not been happy with the rust that has formed in my tank. I lose a lot from evacuation and generally make up with water but I suspect that is the wrong way to handle things. When I added premix fluid, the flui d would gel up and not go back in solution. Just wondering what others reco mmend. I don't use coolant a lot but every time I need it my tank is empty. Suggestions? TIA

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I used Tri-Cool many years ago. It provided AWFUL tool life and grew rancid in the sump in weeks. I don't use the coolant very often, so it tends to sit for a while.

I then got some EnCool from Engineered Lubricants, and it provides MUCH better tool life, maybe 3X better, and NEVER goes rancid, even after months of sitting in the sump. Also, it seems to cause a lot less of the black stain on the table under the vise. (I still get some, but it wipes off with a paper towel.)


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Jon Elson

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I generally use neat cutting oil in a refillable spray bottle ! Actually the bottles original purpose was to spray olive oil for cooking.

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