Cutting fluid on a bandsaw?

Now I have cutting fluid...

On my miniature Dewalt portable metal cutting bandsaw. Will it help at all to use cutting fluid somewhere?


Can't believe how long it took to cut through a 1/2 inch threaded black oxide steel rod using an angle grinder .065 inch (supposed to be .045 inch, but it's not) thick cutting wheel, chucked into my chopsaw so that the cutting was precise. Even with two or three breaks, that sucker got hot.

Hopefully the bandsaw 24 TPI blade will cut it much more easily, with or without cutting fluid.

Also impressed by the force required to thread a 1/2 inch diameter 6061 aluminum rod (13 TPI) with a hobby threading tool. Much more force than a 1/4 inch rod requires to thread. Another surprise.

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About 30 seconds on the bandsaw lol

I wrote:

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Will a bandsaw cut through a drill chuck? Tune in next time...

Can spinning the chuck be at all useful during bandsaw cutting?

I usually spin the material when using an abrasive cut off wheel, for cutting a cylindrical object. I suppose it wouldn't be any different using a bandsaw. I can afford at least one bandsaw blade to cut through the chuck.

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