Demagnitizing SS Electronic Caliper?

I have a very nice Mitutoyo digital caliper. I thought that they would
have made it out of non-magnetic stainless, but no such luck. I needed
to measure the thickness of a rare earth magnet, and now my caliper is
attracting swarf.
I have a demagnitizer (somewhere), one of the handheld loop jobbies with
a pushbutton. I was wondering if I'm likely to induce a strong enough
field in something internally to damage it. Should I remove the battery,
or just turn it off?
Doug White
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Doug White
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I have successfully demagnetized my Mitutoyo caliper using a magnetic tape demagnetizer (120 V powered unit), without any problems.
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Wayne C. Beckman
On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 17:09:49 -0800, "Wayne C. Beckman" vaguely proposed a theory ......and in reply I say!:
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There are tape demags and tape /head demags. I was going to suggest one of the little "pencil" style ones, for safety. But if you used one of the "Dipper" bulk types then it would seem that any "household" demag unit would be OK?
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Old Nick
My demagnetizer is a small power transformer with one leg of the core removed. It is quite powerful but it has no effect on my Mitu caliper. I just turn it off and drag the jaws over the pole pieces. I have used it at least a dozen times over the last few years with good results.
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Randal O'Brian

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