Did u know this process?

hi, there ...i recently want to make a project , and i found this metal was corrosion very special,

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do someone know how to process? pls share with me! thanks. and i would like to apply to my project.


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I would've thought iron and water in a stagnant environment could produce that sort of corrosion in aluminium...

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I think you missed the point. These appear to be deliberate etchings to create a surface texture.

Photo-resist may be applied to create whatever pattern you like.

Etchants for aluminum can be: mild acids, strong bases, and ferric chloride, among others (yes, ferric chloride... I know it's "for copper", but it works nicely on aluminum).

The concentration of the etchant and agitation must be adjusted to minimize undercutting of the pattern.


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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

Get some scrap and some chemistry and experiment.

A "Jackson Pollock" splatter painting with bitumen paint, then etched in warm caustic soda for a short time, will give a similar effect.

Much depends on the initial condition of the aluminium, alloy and surface finish (especially anodising). Don't expect repeatable results between different sheets.

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Andy Dingley

hi,Lloyd, did u know how to clean the brownish after etched by ferric chloride. yup,if no other chemical can direct make this result, i also think probably is by photo-resist process! but it seem very naturally.



Lloyd E. Sp> >I would've thought iron and water in a stagnant environment could

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I learned that the hard way at 14, when I went to etchmy first PC board in an aluminum TV-Dinner tray. Mom was not pleased.. :)


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Jon Danniken

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