Dovetail Column Mill

I am interested in getting a RF-45 bench type mill. Thing is, I am
not convinced that this mill is what I really want; they seem on the
light side.
I was thinking of cobbling something together; but it has to go down
the basement stairs. Otherwise I would just buy a bridgeport,
universal or convert a horizontal mill.
A) I found 5 pcs. really nice bridgeport type heads; belt drive,
3phase, 5" stroke, R8, swivel, heavy duty & in excellent condition
(except for the paint). Would put the mill-drill heads to shame.
Reasonable price; CA$450 ea (buy more for less)
B) I also found some 8x29 tables with X-Y travel & base ready for a
column. These are on the small side, but I expect larger ones are
hard to come by.
C) Last item needed a not found is a dovetail column; about 3'+ long;
10"x10" or larger; strong. I have thought of fabricating something
from steel square tube, insert a dampening tube and attach a dovetail
or linear rails.
So here comes the question for anyone kind enough to consider
1) Any comments of where I could get item C or at least the start of
2) Does anyone know where I could get a larger X-Y T-Slot table?
3) Anyone think I am wasting my time?
P.S. See my next post about a mill I found.
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I think you are underestimating the job.
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Buy a good used clausing 8540 horizontal mill and add a bridgport head. you can make a great combo machine for a decent price.
The rockwell knee mill is also the prefect size for a basement workshop. Comes apart for moving. Two people moved mine into the basement is about 4-5 hours.
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Chuck Sherwood

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