Electrolytic derusting

A good while back, someone posted a link to a site for electrolytic
derusting. Due to a computer dying, I lost that one. I just googled, and
there are all sorts of sites with unrelated information, and all kind of
concoctions for soaking formulas. The first one from stovebolt.com was
pretty helpful, but not really as informative as that old one I had. Anyone
got it?
I want to make a long shallow bath for sticks of tubular steel. I probably
am going to have to take a piece of plastic pipe and split it. I will
also make one out of a 55 gallon plastic barrel for smaller pieces and odd
shaped items. It all seems pretty simple. A battery charger, some water,
some Arm and Hammer, a stainless steel plate, some wire, etc.
Any tips or caveats?
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Steve B
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This may have been the place, Steve:
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"RAM³" wrote
That's it!
Dang, you guys are good.
How did you do that?
Steve ;-)
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Steve B
I periodically backup my bookmarks...and store the backups in the RV.
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