LeBlond chuck base plate needed 2-3/8" x 5 tpi

Hi Guys.
I finally offloaded the 1920 LeBlond lathe that has been in my basement
for around 8 years.
I gave it to a friend who has more time and space than I .
He already has it up and running.
His problem is getting chuck baseplates that fit the main arbor.
It uses a 2-3/8" x 5 tpi thread.
It came with 1 dogplate.
What I need is either a source for baseplates with that thread or
somebody willing to cut some nuts with that thread, that later can be
welded to some heavy steel discs.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
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A quick fix, often done in the past, was to mount a plate on the dogplate. As for the nuts you mention they would also have to be bored to fit the spindle register.
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I've cut a 5 internal thread before on my 11"x24" Delta, but I'm too far away. You need the ability to try it, or even better a dummy spindle nose with the same length and register dimensions so it doesn't need to be dismounted to try the threads. Of course, you need the same threading capability for either.
Good luck.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
Wouldn't be a problem for my 16" Pratt & Whitney. It would be nice if you measured the pitch diameter with thread wires so I can make a dummy spindle. Also need the length of thread and register diameter. Basically I need a print of your spindle nose.
Out of curiosity is the spindle taper a Jarno taper? I ran into some older LeBlond's that were.
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Richard W.

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