etching aluminum

Does anyone know of a procedure for etching aluminum. I've heard (3rd hand
or so) of someone who discolored aluminum then etched it with a laser
etcher. The discoloration is presumably to add contrast. The aluminum is for
large 3' X 6' panels which would mount on the outside of a building.
Thanks for any help,
James Deckert
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James Deckert
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If you only need a light etch (eg; for surface finish), sodium-hydroxide (AKA caustic soda, as used in drain cleaners) is cheap, fast & easy. You can mask with paint, tape, etc for patterning, or paint on the solution for artistic effects.
ObSafety: As with acids use lots of water in a non-metal, heat-resistant container, wear rubber gloves & safety goggles, always add small amounts of the crystals at a time, watch the temperature of the solution, & avoid splashing.
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